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Designtex guarantees satisfactory commercial performance for all products when properly installed, maintained, and subjected to normal and intended use in appropriate environments. All warranties go into effect on the date of purchase.

Product warranties can be found on each product’s detail page, as well as on the product’s specification sheet and sampling.

Designtex warrants that all shipments are in accordance with the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act. Each of our products is designed for a specific end use and is engineered to perform satisfactorily under reasonable commercial conditions. We guarantee each shipment to be of first quality and produced to industry standards.

In the unlikely event that a product does not perform to commercial standards—when specified for the purpose intended, properly installed and maintained under normal conditions, and cleaned with appropriate cleaning agents and methods—Designtex reserves the right to either replace the product free of charge, repair the product or refund the purchase price of the product. Designtex will not be responsible for any labor costs associated with replacement.

Product warranties do not cover the following:

Damage or failure to perform resulting from improper specification, fabrication, or installation.
Damage or failure to perform resulting from specification outside of Designtex’s intended end use.
Damage or failure to perform resulting from unusual wear and tear on the product.
Damage or failure to perform resulting from improper maintenance or cleaning as per Designtex guidelines.
Damage resulting from accident or abuse.
Damage resulting from the failure of a third party’s product.
Any subsequent treatment of products managed by the customer after shipment by Designtex will void product warranties.
Product warranties only apply to the original purchaser of the product.

Warranty Claims Process

Please email the relevant and completed Issue Resolution Form to or your Designtex sales representative.

Designtex will contact the customer within two business days of receipt of the claim to review it and recommend a resolution. Designtex reserves the right to require the return of any damaged materials, at Designtex’s expense, and to require photographic or other description of the claim before processing.

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