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Make it Yours

We embrace all the possibilities of custom design and can help turn your vision into reality. Work independently in our Digital Studio, customize an existing product in our catalog or partner with us to create something entirely new.

Customize a Product in Minutes

The Designtex Digital Studio tool encourages creativity with a curated selection of patterns that are up for experimentation. Play with scale and color for customized results, all produced with care at our digital printing factory in Portland, Maine.

• 5 days for a sample. 2 weeks for production. 10 yard minimum.
• Choose from six wallcovering, panel and upholstery options
• Play with color and scale on over 75 patterns
• Visualize your design in real time

Start a design

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A picture of a sample with the pattern

Create a New Product With Us

Almost anything is possible. Start with a pattern from our offering and give us your project requirements. Provide us with your mood board for custom product development or explore the specialty materials that go beyond our standard offering.

• Custom design woven upholstery, wallcoverings, rugs and more
• Digitally print upholstery, including panels, drapery and privacy curtain textiles as well as wallcoverings in repeat
• Collaborate on new wallcovering murals, privacy and decorative glass films

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Your Hub For Everything Custom

Our dedicated digital printing factory in Portland, Maine enables us to push the boundaries of custom design.


We consider a custom product as any product that diverges from our standard line offering, such as modifying an existing product or creating a new product.

Modifications to an existing product can include, but are not limited to, changing the color or scale, and re-engineering the construction to meet a particular price point or application requirement.

Most of our products can be customized, however there are some limitations related to specific manufacturing and material constraints. Typical custom products are woven upholstery textiles, coated upholstery textiles, drapery fabrics, panel fabrics, privacy curtains, glass films and wallcoverings.

Since each custom request is unique, it varies from project to project. Typically, we review the initial request and ask any pertinent follow-up questions. If artwork development is required, it usually takes 1-2 weeks to deliver the initial round of design review. Once the design is approved and the scope or dimensions are confirmed, we move on to sampling the product. Sampling usually takes between 2-6 weeks, but can vary based on the material.

Please contact us and include a summary of the project, the desired end-use for the material, the estimated order quantity for the material, and the delivery date for the finished goods.

Specification information for our custom digitally printed materials can be located on the Custom Resources page. Additional product resources such as installation and cleaning guides, flammability and environmental certifications can be found on the Product Resources page. If you can’t locate a specific resource, please fill out our custom form for further assistance.

Yes, absolutely. Artwork files for digitally printed projects should be built to the field-verified project dimensions and should be provided according to the File Submission Guidelines.

Our Design Resource Library contains patterns that can be customized in both color and scale and printed on our custom wallcovering, glass film or textile substrates. There are no licensing fees associated with using these patterns. We can also curate assets outside of our design library, but licensing fees would likely apply in this case.

Yes, we can provide design services such as image curation, design development and building production files.  Design fees may apply based on the request.

Please reach out to your sales representative or submit our custom inquiry form with the scope of work, project name, specifier name and city.

For custom printed materials, we require print-ready artwork files and field verified dimensions.  We’ll combine this information on a PDF layout, showing your artwork, field verified dimensions and how the product will be produced. Once approved, we’ll provide printed strike-off samples to review the color and scale before we print the final product. Click here to view our custom digital print process guide.

After the PDF layout is approved, the project specific artwork will be printed on the specified substrate for formal approval. This proof is called a strike-off. If you need a sample strictly to view the substrate material, a generic sample, called a memo sample, can be ordered.

Include the Designtex sales representative, custom product number and description, sample number, and who will be responsible for providing the artwork. For example:

  • Sales representative: Jane Doe, (123)456-7890,
  • Product: Designtex Custom GF07 Clear Polyester Film
  • Sample: reference #123456
  • Artwork: provided by architect


We offer custom colors of our existing wallcovering products, custom rotogravure and digitally printed wallcoverings for designs with pattern repeats, and custom digitally printed wallcoverings for large scale mural designs.

Custom digitally printed wallcovering projects require a $2,500 material order minimum.

Custom woven wallcoverings typically carry an 800 – 1,000 yard order minimum.

Custom rotogravure wallcoverings typically carry a 1,000 yard order minimum.

No, however we have numerous existing embosses to choose from that should fit any project.

Digitally printed wallcoverings are printed with UV inks. Though we do not have metallic inks, we offer substrates with bases that offer reflective metallic properties.

A smooth and properly prepared wall surface is required for a successful installation. A Level 4 finish is often sufficient. Please refer to our Digital Wallcovering Installation Instructions and consult with your wallcovering installer based on the project wall conditions.


We offer custom woven and digitally printed upholstery, panel, drapery, and privacy curtains.

Our digitally printed textiles have varying order minimums. Please contact your sales representative or contact us to learn more.

The minimum can vary depending on the type of weave and yarn required. For customizing an existing item, the minimum ranges from 100 – 400 yards. For creating a new custom product, the minimum ranges from 250 – 1,000 yards. The minimum for a woven privacy curtain is 273 yards per colorway.

For custom printed vinyl and polyurethane fabrics, the minimum is 300 yards. For printed silicone fabrics, the minimum is 500 yards.

The scale can be modified on most of our patterns, but the fabric width should be taken into account if there is a design repeat.

Yes. Custom color minimums for a yarn dye fabric typically range between 100-500 yards, and custom color minimums for a piece dye fabric typically range between 250-550 yards. Customizing the color of a Designtex pattern using digital printing technology can also be considered for a $2,500 order minimum.

A piece-dyed fabric gets dyed all at once in a large dye bath. Yarn-dyed fabrics are made up of individually dyed yarns, making it easier to change colors.

Yes, we can alter weave construction to fit a specific price point or application need. Some limitations apply, and each request is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Yes, we have a variety of embosses to choose from.

Sampling production varies depending on the request and type of product. Custom digitally printed samples usually take 1-2 weeks. Custom woven samples can take up to 4-6 weeks. Sampling for a printed vinyl or polyurethane takes approximately 3-4 weeks. For a printed silicone, it takes approximately 4-5 weeks. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get a product just right, so we recommend customers give themselves adequate time for the development process.


The Designtex Privacy Film collection consists of geometric patterns printed in varying opacities at different scales to create gradating effects for glass film. These patterns help provide privacy and confidentiality for users of any glass-walled space. Eight different base patterns with three levels of opacity allow users to dial in to the amount of privacy for their specific application. Custom patterns can also be developed outside of this collection.

First and second surfaces describe the direction of the print on glass film, which affects how the glass film is installed. For first surface prints, the film is applied to the front, customer-facing surface. Second surface prints are mirrored and the glass film is applied on the back-side of the glass. A visual guide is provided in the Custom Project Guides section on the Custom Resources page.

We offer both translucent and transparent printed glass films. The base substrate of GF07 is clear, while GF11 is a frosted base. The UV2 inks have their own opacity, which will determine the degree of translucency along with the substrate selection and lighting.