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5×5, 5 designs created by 5 artists

Celebrating 25 years of Crypton with a collection of 5 designs created by 5 artists

When Designtex first crossed paths with Crypton, over thirty years ago, Crypton’s groundbreaking technology, which gives fabrics stain, odor and moisture-resistant capabilities, were still struggling to gain traction. It didn’t take much to convince Designtex president Susan Lyons, who signed up as Crypton’s first distributor. Together with Crypton co-founder Randy Rubin, our two women-lead companies have helped change the course of the textile industry.

To celebrate Crypton’s 25th anniversary and our enduring partnership , Designtex and Crypton once again sought to push the boundaries of possibility. Utilizing the capabilities of its digital printing factory in Portland, Maine, we commissioned five contemporary artists to each create a design, available in five colorways, to form an intentionally broad and diverse collection of palettes and patterns. With few design restrictions thanks to the printing process, the 5×5 collection infuses a breath of aesthetic ingenuity with Crypton’s already versatile range of uses. Easily applicable to hospitality as it is to healthcare, it is filled with options that can either take center stage, or create a comforting backdrop to a space.